My Avartar

This is my avatar that I made on wee world and what I did was I chose his clothes and his accessories and my accessory I had was a laptop. I choose his hair colour , his eye colour  and even his pants.  So it would look a lot like me.

Here he is!!!!!

Ben Avartar sch (293x326)

Did you like it!!!

Challenge 1

You should look at my blog because:

 I have weekly reflections that I do every week so you know what I do every week.

I have some art that I can show you what art I have done.

I have activities on my blog that is to show you what activities our class has been doing.

I have links to my friends blogs to show you thier blogs and what they have done on thiers.

I made this post to show that I have done challenge 1 in the student blogging challenge.