My Calendar Art

For the last week I have been working on my calendar art. What we had to do is get a camera and go out and take four photos of ourselves, four photos of friends and four photos of arty things around the school. Then we had to download those photos and put them into a pages document. We had to evenly set them out and then we had to check them with our teacher.

Here is mine:

Weekly Reflection Term 3 Week 2

What: This week we have played another game of flags and we won. We have also done lots of decimals in maths. This week we have done our student led conferences. We have also neally finished episode 16 of Street Talk.

So What: This week I have learnt that If you want to get a goal in flags you have to throw a good throw. I have learnt in decimals that .10 is 1 whole. I have also learnt how to round decimals to 1 decimal place 2 decimal places and 3 decimal places.

Now What: Next week I want to learn how to make an animation on keynote. Next week I want to learn more about decimals because I am still a bit cofuessed.

My Quiz

This is my quiz that I mad on It is a quiz about space. It has easy questions and hard questions at times.

Have a go at it:

Weekly Reflection Week-3 Term-4

What: Last week we had seed to table we made pasta and I had about three spoon fulls of it, it was yummy. We also had a reliever called Michel and he is teaching Music and Drama. We went to the library and I got a book out called Gregor the overlander it is a great book. We did some maths and in maths we are learning fractions. In reading we made a story bird and we are writing a narrative on it.

So What:Last week I learnt how to make a story bird it is really fun and it is really creative. I also learnt how to make some bread in seed to table it was delicious. I have learnt how to see which fraction is bigger than the other ones in maths.

Now What: Next week I want to see if I can get pow. I would like to see if I can be in street talk. Also I would like to be the computer person maybe in assembly.

Here is Street Talk episode 11: